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Donor Designation is Optional

United Way of Greater Duluth combines your gift with the gifts of others in the Community Care Fund. This fund makes the greatest impact in the lives of those who need it most.

United Way of Greater Duluth will honor designations to its funded partners and other United Ways; however, the designations must be $50 or more per agency. If the agency to which a donor designates is not eligible for United Way of Greater Duluth designations, United Way will contact the donor and offer to return the gift and/or to designate the gift to the appropriate impact area. United Way makes every effort to process donor gifts in accordance to donor wishes. However, if the designation information is incomplete or incorrect the designation will be credited to the Community Care Fund.

If you would like to designate your gift, please fill out the Online Donation Form (above) and click here to fill out a designation form.
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