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How many books so far?

AmeriCorps Member Goal Driven by Books

United Way of Greater Duluth's AmeriCorps member, Stephanie Thompson, is driven. When she decided to serve a second year with UWGD's  Success by 6 program, she considered what she wanted to accomplish. "I love supporting literacy and early childhood learning through the work I do with the Big Red Bookshelf. When I saw how fast our books went into the hands of children at sites like WIC (Women Infant Child), Hermantown Food Shelf and others  I decided I want to raise 20,000 books this year."

Last year 15,000 books came in from the community. As of November 2011, Stephanie is two months into her book drive and has 1,630 books donated and screened. (If you look at the themometer you'll see the books are coming in!)

Books can make such a difference in the life of a child. Books can set the stage for further learning and success.  That's why Stephanie and others working with early literacy are so happy the shelves are bare! It means the books are in the  hands of children who want them and need the stimulation and interaction they can provide.

So now we need more!

We hope you can help us fill these shelves with your gently-used children's books appropriate for kids up to age 8. If you check out this Big Red Bookshelf page, you'll find drop-off locations.



Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Involve kids! It's really fun to go through your families old books and remember them together. Teach children generosity by asking them to select 5, 10, or any amount to give to the Big Red Bookshelf so other children can enjoy them.
  • Conduct your own mini book drive. You can host a book drive at work, with a neighboorhood group, your book group, running buddies, or father's group. Here are some tools to make it easy: Book Drive Tool Kit & Book Drive Flyer
  • Great Deals! Keep your eyes open for good deals on books. Sometimes you can find them on clearance for very little money. When it's rummage sale season, you can often buy a whole box for next to nothing.
  • Join our Facebook page! Share your ideas, inspire others, and share our Big Red Bookshelf link with your facebook friends so they know where they can drop off books and find books for their little ones.

Thank you!!

*** Please note that to ensure quality we can no longer accept books discarded from classrooms and libraries.  


Stephanie Thompson
Community Initiatives Volunteer Coordinator,
Americorps Member 218-726-4728

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