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Community Impact

As a community, we recognize education as the cornerstone of a growing and vital community.  Low on-time graduation  rates indicate we are failing a large percentage of our youth.  If we want to make a difference in our children’s lives, we need to make a difference in student outcomes and ultimately increase on-time graduation rates.To accomplish this, we must involve more than just parents and teachers.  We must involve the entire community.  Working together, we can ensure that children enter school ready to succeed, that all can read proficiently by 3rd grade, that each student has a successful transition into and out of middle school, and ultimately, that each student graduates from high school on-time and is ready for success in college, work and life.  

For over 25 years United Way Worldwide (UWW) has been tracking and researching the correlation between social trends and education, all of which indicate that improved education levels have a positive impact on several key economic and social measures.  This research has prompted United Ways across the country to take a more integrated approach to working on community level goals that improve education, help people achieve financial stability and promote healthy lives.

Click here to View Materials from Achieving Excellence and Equity through Education presentation.

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