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Head of the Lakes United Way
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Your investment supports the building blocks for a good life in our community.  

Head of the Lakes United Way works hard at building the long-term future and strength of our community by targeting key issues and conditions that, if improved, will have profound positive and lasting impact on our community for years to come. 

EDUCATION is essential to acquiring and maintaining a job with a livable wage and health benefits.  Making sure that our children come to school prepared to succeed and then supporting them through high school graduation creates a ripple effect of success throughout the entire community.

Local programs at the following agencies receive funding from Head of the Lakes United Way. 

United Way also invests in the areas of IncomeHealth and Basic Needs.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Northland

The Boys and Girls Club of Duluth provides programming that enriches the lives of youth. This program reaches out to youth in our community that come from disadvantaged circumstances and continue to give them hope and opportunities.

Copeland and Valley Youth Centers

The Copeland and Valley Youth Centers enrich the lives of youth K-12 by providing educational, social and recreational opportunities with positive adult role models. 

Duluth Area Family YMCA

  • YMCA Community Services 
    The YMCA Volunteer Services Department strives to find adults to become mentors and be positive role models for “at-risk” youth in our community. Staff recruit, train and are a resource for mentors guiding them to enhance the fruition of the 40 assets youth need for healthy development.
  • YMCA Youth Development
    YMCA COMPASS Program uses best practices to deliver intensive academic enrichment and supportive services to 200 youth and their families. Programs at Nettleton and Lowell Elementary Schools provide structured academic enrichment programs and positive, age-appropriate recreational activities in safe environments that extend school day learning into non-school hours.

Courage Center Duluth
Courage Duluth’s Sports and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of recreation and competitive sports programs to enhance independence, improve self-confidence and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle for people with physical disabilities.

Girl Scouts of Minnesota &Wisconsin Lakes & Pines
Girl Scouts serves girls ages 5-17 from lower income families and girls of racial or ethnic diversity at the troop, neighborhood and city-wide level.

Grant Community School Collaborative
The collaborative provides year-round academic, cultural and social enrichment programs to 285 high-needs youth and their families.

Life House 

  • Teen Parent Program
    The Teen Parent Center provides education and support services that are specifically designed to help break the cycles of isolation, frustration, neglect ,and abuse in the lives of teen parents and their children.
  • Kids to Adult Transitional Services
    Kids to Adult Transitional Services provides outreach to youth 16-21 who have mental health concerns, build relations, provide support, and connect them to essential and mental health services.

Little Treasures Childcare and Family Center
Little Treasures provides enriched childcare integrated with Nurturing Family Services for families who are at risk. This program strengthens the families and provide predictable, loving care for their children so they can all become healthy and independent.

Lutheran Social Services

  • Together for Youth  
    Together for Youth helps to continue the social/support group that meets weekly to provide a safe place for youth who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) and the outreach speakers bureau component that provides education to the community on issues GLBT youth face.
  • First Year Program  
    Assists first-time parents that are at risk for secure attachment to have education and support to understand and respond sensitively to the needs of their children to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  • Truancy Action Project
    The Truancy Action Project works together with at-risk youth, family, and school staff to provide students with the necessary tools to have regular attendance in school.

Woodland Hills
Neighborhood Youth Services (NYS) provides nearly 600 youth ages 6-17 in Duluth’s urban core with access to safe, structured and supervised activities after school and during the summer for free.


  • Early Childhood Center  
    Provides high quality early childhood education to families who are low-income and working full-time. The children receive quality consistent care, early literacy activities, nutritious meals, and predictable schedules.
  • Girls & Youth Program
    YWCA after-school programs, summer day camp and Mentor Duluth provides high levels of research-based programming that directly impacts participants and their families in a positive way economically, socially, academically, and emotionally.
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