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Head of the Lakes United Way
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Committees and Responsibilites


If you're interested on serving on any of these Head of the Lakes United Way committees, or would like more information about them, please contact United Way at 726-4770.

The Campaign Cabinet is responsible for implementing United Way’s annual and year-round fundraising campaign.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Ensuring that every division is staffed through recruitment of sufficient volunteers to complete the tasks assigned to the different divisions of campaign.
  2. Providing opportunities for training of the volunteers involved in fundraising efforts.
  3. Establishing a goal that will reflect knowledge of current economic patterns.  This goal will be presented to the Campaign Committee and Board of Directors for discussion and approval.
  4. Making and ensuring that CEO calls for all significant accounts in the campaign are completed and that follow-up is done to ensure corporate and employee support.
  5. Supporting and participating in United Way special events.  The purpose of these events is to create an awareness of and enthusiasm for UW and the accomplishments of the programs it supports, and to outline the timing of the campaign agenda.
  6. Ensuring that a “Thank You” campaign is implemented both during and upon completion of the fund-raising efforts for the year.

The campaign committee is responsible for planning and developing strategies for growth of the annual fundraising campaign.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Ownership of strategies associated with HLUW strategic plan.  Responsible for ensuring implementation and follow-through.
  2. Develop and implement (in conjunction with the campaign cabinet) strategies to increase campaign revenue.
  3. Utilize local and national research to understand economic patterns and trends in giving.  Use this data in strategy development.
  4. Evaluate and establish campaign structure that will ensure the broadest community reach and most effective use of resources (i.e. volunteers)
  5. Identify ways to “broaden the base” by looking at options for database enhancements, integration of new businesses and ways to connect with individuals outside of the workplace.

The Community Impact Committee leads the organization in the transition to and implementation of the Community Impact organizational direction. The Committee oversees works in the four functional work areas of Community Impact: Community Assessment, Fund Distribution, Initiatives and Partnerships, and Programs.

Duties and responsibilities include: 

       1.    Oversight of ongoing community assessment research 
       2.    Making recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding community initiatives 
       3.    Monitoring implementation of community initiatives 
       4.    Monitoring fund development for community initiatives 
       5.    Developing and implementing Fund Distribution process 
       6.    Oversight of the Fund Distribution panel work 
       7.    Making Fund Allocation recommendation to Board of Directors 
       8.    Monitoring Community Impact budget 
       9.    Establishing measurable community-wide goals 
     10.   Tracking progress on community-wide goals 
     11.   Oversight of community partnership development 
     12.   Providing input to communications plan to raise public awareness

The Finance Committee is responsible for providing financial oversight for the organization.

Duties and responsibilities include: 

       1.    Monitoring fiscal operations, including the annual audit 
       2.    Assisting staff in development of an annual budget 
       3.    Analyzing income and expenditures 
       4.    Monitoring investments 
       5.    Approving maintenance, repairs or purchases 
       6.    Consulting with legal counsel if appropriate 
       7.    Monitoring insurance and benefit coverage 
       8.    Approving fiscal policies 
       9.    Reviewing and offering recommendations on salary structure and benefits  
     10.   Establishing board expectation for financial reporting from staff

United Way’s Fund Distribution process requires Volunteer Panelists to review and evaluate affiliated agency requests for United Way program funding. Each panel is comprised of a broad representation of the community. United Way’s Fund Distribution process engages community members in the decision making process of where United Way funds will have the most impact in addressing the needs of our community.

Volunteers are assigned to one panel of the following panels which reviews and makes allocation recommendations for one of the identified target areas.

• Education
• Income
• Health
• Basic Needs

Duties and Responsibilities of panel members include: 

  1. Supporting Head of the Lakes United Way goal of providing financial support to health and human service programs that effectively address our community’s most pressing needs 
  2. Having an interest in our community’s human service needs 
  3. Disclosing any conflicts of interest 
  4. Attending and participating in all panel meetings including an orientation, Q&A session, site visits to agencies, and a final recommendation meeting
  5. Studying and reviewing all program funding proposals and written information, in advance, and bring relevant materials to each presentation
  6. Carefully evaluating and scoring the proposals under consideration
  7. Keeping panel deliberations confidential

The governance committee is responsible for developing and supporting actions that maximize involvement of the Board and create continuous leadership for United Way.

Duties and responsibilities include: 

  1. Provide on-going cultivation of prospective Board members.
  2. Responsible for nomination of new officers and board members for recommendation to the Board. 
  3. Develop and implement, with the Board Chair, ways to maximize engagement of directors through attendance and participation in the Board, Committees and other United Way activities. 
  4. Oversee and maintain “job descriptions” for Board and Committees. 
  5. Plan Board education/training, including directors’ retreat, new director orientation and mentoring and on-going training for all directors. Ensure that an understanding of United Way affiliated agencies is part of this training. 
  6. Develop and implement ways to improve positive director-to-director contact. 
  7. Meet with directors where there is a lack of attendance and/or participation in United Way Board and Committee activities. Evaluate action based on individual circumstances and overall participation.
  8. Ownership of strategies associated with governance section of HLUW strategic plan. Responsible for ensuring implementation and follow-through.


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