Importance of Women’s Care and Reproductive Surgery

Women's Care and Reproductive Surgery

Various lesions and diseases of the reproductive system of women are successfully treated with the help of modern reproductive surgery. It opens up opportunities not only for high-precision diagnostics but also for effectively eliminating the existing problems in the work of organs and systems. Today, qualified specialists have solid experience in this field and solve a wide range of “female” problems with the help of reproductive surgery.

For several decades, doctors around the world have successfully used minimally invasive and non-traumatic methods of diagnosis and treatment, which give good results and in many cases make it possible to preserve the full functioning of the genital organs.

Often, various diseases can be identified at the earliest stages of their development. As a rule, during this period, patients have no complaints due to the absence of pronounced symptoms of the disease. Today, there are many modern methods and techniques that allow specialists to make the diagnosis as soon as possible.

Laparoscopic diagnostic methods allow for a thorough examination of women before IVF. Also during the procedure, doctors have the opportunity to perform microsurgical operations on the fallopian tubes, to locate and dissect the adhesions present in the pelvic organs, to detect the presence of cysts and other benign tumors. For these purposes, they use the most modern optics with a lens diameter of not more than 0.5 mm.

With the help of modern technology, doctors have the opportunity to carry out a laparoscopic examination and to obtain reliable information about the presence of adhesions in the pelvic organs, existing narrowing or inflammatory processes.

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Modern specialists use traditional and most popular diagnostic methods worldwide: hysteroscopy, ultrasound diagnostics, computed tomography, X-ray examination methods.

As for the treatment process, endoscopic methods of reproductive surgery are most often used. They make it possible to effectively treat various diseases in the reproductive organs without serious complications and consequences for patients: large and difficult to heal seams, postoperative scars, adhesions and various complications in the form of the inflammatory process in the pelvic organs.

Modern clinics provide a comprehensive treatment of various gynecological diseases, not only in adult women but also in adolescent girls. Thanks to the use of sparing methods of reproductive surgery, problems identified even at the very young age are eliminated very quickly and efficiently, so that later it is possible to avoid problems with conception and various serious gynecological diseases.

The human reproductive system is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Its full functioning is very valuable because healthy reproductive organs allow every woman to learn the joy of motherhood, without which the full existence of a woman is impossible.

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