Rhinocort: Allergy Nasal Spray with Budesonide

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Rhinocort Allergy Nasal Spray with Budesonide

Rhinocort nasal spray is a steroid that can help you relieve frustrating nasal allergy symptoms (lf e;/stuffy/runny nose, itchy eyes/nose/throat, sneezing).

What is it used for?

Indications for use include:

  • prevention and treatment of seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis;
  • vasomotor rhinitis;
  • polyps of the nose.

What does this medicine do?

Rhinocort active ingredient is budesonide, a corticosteroid for local use. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, increases the production of lipocortin, which is an inhibitor of phospholipase A2, inhibits the release of arachidonic acid, inhibits the synthesis of metabolic products of arachidonic acid – cyclic endoperoxides and Pg. The drug also prevents marginal accumulation of neutrophils, reduces inflammatory exudation and cytokine production, inhibits the migration of macrophages, reduces the intensity of infiltration and granulation processes, the formation of chemotaxis substance (which explains the effectiveness in “late” allergy reactions); inhibits the release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells (“immediate” allergic reaction), which plays a significant role in the occurrence of nasal symptoms of allergic genesis and the development of chronic rhinitis.

It is well tolerated with long-term treatment, does not possess ISS activity, practically does not have a resorptive effect.

The therapeutic effect develops in 2-21 days.

Does it help sinus infection?

This steroid spray works by reducing inflammation to promote drainage in the sinuses, therefore it is often prescribed to treat chronic sinus infection and allergies symptoms. Use the medicine as directed by your doctor.

Is it safe to use Rhinocort every day?

Yes. You can use the spray regularly every day to keep your symptoms under control. How long can you use this drug? The medicine is safe to use every day to treat allergic rhinitis of 3-6 weeks duration. Do not use this nasal spray more than once per day.

Is there a generic for Rhinocort?

Yes, this medicine has a cheaper generic. Rhinocort is the brand name for budesonide which you can buy over the counter as a generic as well. Budesonide is the same as Rhinocort, has the same indications, composition, side effects, interactions, and efficiency.

How to use this medicine?

The spray is administered intranasally.

Dosage: 2 doses of 50 mcg in each nasal passage 2 times a day. Maintenance dose – 1 dose in each nasal passage 2 times a day or 2 doses in each nasal passage 1 time a day in the morning.

The maximum single dose is 200 mcg (100 mcg in each nasal passage), the maximum daily dose is 400 mcg. The duration of treatment is no more than 3 months. If a dose is missed, it should be taken as soon as possible but not less than 1 hour before the next dose.

Can Rhinocort cause side effects?

Usually, the medicine is tolerated well. In rare cases, it can cause adverse reactions:

  • Local reactions: burning sensation; crusting on the nasal mucosa, dizziness. Allergic reactions: allergic reactions (including dermatitis, rash, urticaria);
  • Digestive system: nausea, vomiting, gastralgia;
  • Cardiovascular system: a feeling of palpitations;
  • Nervous system: myalgia, drowsiness, headache;
  • Respiratory system: cough, nasal congestion.

Who should not use this medicine?

Do not use budesonide nasal spray if you have:

  • fungal, bacterial and viral infections of the respiratory tract;
  • an active form of pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • age under 6 years;
  • hypersensitivity to budesonide or any other component of the drug.

Use with caution: recent nasal surgery, recent nasal trauma, tuberculosis.

Can I overdose on this medicine?

Accidental overdose of this nasal spray in the dosage form of a metered-dose nasal spray does not cause any obvious symptoms.

Acute overdose is unlikely.

With prolonged use of high doses, as well as with the simultaneous administration of other glucocorticosteroids, symptoms of hypercorticism may appear. In this case, stop using the drug, gradually reducing its dose.

Can this nasal spray interact with other drugs?

Avoid using budesonide nasal stray with any of the following drugs:

  • phenytoin;
  • phenobarbital;
  • rifampicin;
  • methandienone;
  • estrogens;
  • ketoconazole and other potent inhibitors of the CYP3A4 isoenzyme.

Can I use this medicine when pregnant?

This medicine can be prescribed in the treatment of pregnant and breastfeeding women only if the benefits of its use outweigh the possible risk to the newborn or fetus. At the moment, it is not known whether the drug penetrates into breast milk or not, and therefore, if it is prescribed to a nursing woman, it is necessary to stop breastfeeding.

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