United Way Pharmacy – Order Cheap Medicines And Health Products

There is nothing more valuable in the world than health. You can not buy health, but you can buy the necessary medicines that will help improve health. United Way Pharmacy was created to help every person. We offer a wide range of products that you can choose from without leaving your home. How does our pharmacy work? Why is it profitable, reliable and convenient to order meds online?

Searching for medicines in our online store is convenient and simple. If the buyer knows the name of the desired drug, then it must be entered into the search box on the site. It remains only to choose the desired dosage form and size of the package. You can use the alphabetical index to find the medication or other products you want. Every buyer should know that medicines can not be returned or exchanged, so it is important to be careful and make the right choice right away.

Sometimes the buyer does not know which particular medicine or other product he or she needs. In this case, you can use the catalog and select a product from the proposed list. The list of products in the catalog is very wide.

However, it is recommended that you undergo a medical examination before buying any medication. It should be noted that some medications are sold only with a doctor’s prescription.

How does our online pharmacy work?

To order medicines and other goods through our online pharmacy, you need to select those products that you want to purchase. All selected medicines and other products must be added to the shopping cart. After adding all the goods to the shopping cart, you need to fill out a short order form and click the “Submit an order” button. If you have any difficulties, then you will be offered advice on the site. You will receive comprehensive answers to all questions quickly in real time.

What is the advantage of our online pharmacy?

The fact that the buyer is guaranteed to get what he or she needs. For example, in the midst of respiratory infections and influenza, patients are forced to visit several pharmacies in their area in search of common drugs. The online pharmacy will deliver the necessary medicine to any address regardless of your location – Washington or Duluth. Another advantage of online pharmacies is that the prices in our pharmacy are lower than in many other stores. All these advantages are possessed by United Way Pharmacy.

Quality control

Quality control of medicines at our pharmacy is carried out in accordance with the current legislation. Each batch of medicines supplied to the pharmacy is accompanied by documents confirming the quality of these medicines. The specialists of the quality control department ensure that the supplied medicines are checked for compliance with the documents confirming the quality of these medicines.

Monitoring of medicines is carried out on a daily basis for the detection of counterfeit and rejected medicines, as well as unregistered medical products. Identified low-quality products are immediately withdrawn from circulation.

Separately, we would like to talk about the storage of medicines. The conditions for storage and transportation of drugs are carried out in accordance with the regulatory documents, as well as the requirements of manufacturers. This is especially important when storing and transporting medical immunobiological agents and other thermolabile drugs: many of them lose their medicinal qualities literally within 2-3 hours under conditions different from those prescribed by the manufacturer. The quality and certification department monitors compliance with the relevant requirements on a monthly basis.